Bubba Grill BBQ Oven


Almost 400 square inches of cooking surface!
• Indirect heating range of 220-500 degrees!
• UL approved to ANSZ21.58/CGA1.6 American Gas Specifications!
• 1 special cast iron burner GUARANTEED for life!
• Priced Right!


Bubbas 2004EX grill w/stainless mesh cooking surface, 25″ long x 16″ wide, 400 square inches, 24,000 BTU’s, #54 Orifice

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Bubba’s not your typical grill because it cooks by time and not just temperature! Every BUBBA has our patented wood chip tray for real wood smoked flavor, and a stainless steel drip pan, so there are no flare-ups, no burning and no worries with BUBBA! And you can Bar-B-Q , Grill, Steam, Bake, or Smoke on every BUBBA BAR-B-Q Oven!