X-Series Heavy Duty Tree Saw

•Full 180° of Drift-Free Rotation
•Rotary Actuator for Precise Angle of Attack
•Plug & Play for OEM In-Cab Controls*
•Quick-Stop Blade System

Extend your capabilities with the Vail Products® X Series Rotating Tree Saw. Featuring a Full 180° of Smooth, Stable, Drift-Free Cutting Head Rotation, our Tree Saw has no limitations for cutting trees, limbs and brush with power and ease.

The Vail Products® Rotating Tree Saw’s rotary actuator-driven cutting head gives operators the exact and precise angle of attack for effective and safe tree, limb and brush removal. With a 5’ offset boom for visibility and an angled shield for safety, our Rotating Tree Saw is strong and effective at cutting trees and stumps above or below ground.

The Plug and Play electrical interface enables OEM in-cab controls, the 5 gallon integrated herbicide spray system prevents regrowth and our High-Speed, High-Torque, Heavy-Duty Quick-Stop Carbide Blade adds to the most dynamic Rotating Tree Saw available on the market today.

Available in low flow AND high flow models, Vail Products® Rotating Tree Saw fits all makes and models of compact track and skid steer loaders. Whether you’re a high volume commercial cutter, adding acreage to your pasture or clearing utility right-of-ways, the Vail Products® Rotating Tree Saw is extraordinary and the ultimate land clearing attachment.


Width: 53 in. (1346.2 mm)
Length: 79 in. (2006.6 mm)
Boom Length: 60 in. (1524 mm)
Height: 83 in. (2108.2 mm)
Weight: 1400 lb. (635 kg)
Blade Diameter: 30 in. (762 mm)
Hydraulic Flow: Standard/High

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