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Merz Farm Equipment, Inc. is your family owned one stop shop for farm equipment! We have over 60 years experience in the ag machinery industry and the knowledge to make sure you get exactly what you are needing! Located in Southeast Nebraska, covering a 4 state area including Northwest Missouri, Southwest Iowa & Northeast Kansas. Our top of the industry trained staff is the easiest to work with and will make you feel like part of the family! Farming is tougher than ever, count on family to have your back!

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Trust us to get you to the right piece of equipment! With our variety of product offering and our experienced sales team, we’ll make a recommendation and get you an honest and fair price.
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We offer products from Massey Ferguson Tractors & Combines, Hesston Hay, White Planters, Sunflower Tillage, Bobcat, Rhino, Grasshopper Mowers, and Brent Grain Carts.
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We offer the largest selection of Massey Ferguson and Bobcat clothing and toys in the Midwest. We carry a variety of items fit for the whole family.
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Brady is ready to head to the field with his Dad for some Spring Planting!! #futurefarmer #masseyferguson

Lawn & Garden Open House - Ride & Drive Event

At this event we will have all of our lawn and garden equipment on display. We will have a RIDE & DRIVE course setup for you to test drive the different mower options. We will have factory reps on hand to help answer questions. Take Pride in Your Piece of the World - It's your piece of the world and you're proud of it. You work hard to keep it looking its best. So why not choose a mower that is best suited for your piece of the world! There are a ton of choices when it comes to lawn mowers, you can spend all day going to different dealers looking at different options. OR you could just come to Merz Farm Equipment! We carry multiple brands for you to compare and for us to make sure we get you the mower that best fits your piece of the world! Merz Farm Equipment carries 8 different lines of lawn equipment! From diesel engines on Grasshopper and Ferris to independent suspension of Ferris to Powerfold flip up decks on Grasshopper to mid-mount Big Dog with flip up decks, we offer a ton of unique features! Each of the brands we represent offer top quality. We have quality mowers that have less features and are more price friendly to compete with the box store options, but we offer the friendly service of a local small business! All of our mowers offer 0% for 48 months finance options! Some offer additional discounts and longer terms! We've earned our reputation by delivering our customers high quality equipment with family like customer service for over 60 years!

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Wanna Mow Fast? And of course everyone wants quality of cut! Well Ferris mowers have been about speed, suspension, smooth rides and quality cut grass since they introduced suspension the lawn mowers in 1998! Nearly 20 years! Also our mowers go 12 MPH, find that on your mowers spec sheet!

Ferris SRS Z2 Soft Ride Stand-On Zero Turn

More YouTube videos were posted this morning! Subscribe to our MerzFarmEquip Channel!

Ferris IS3200Z vs. IS2100Z

More YouTube Videos were posted this morning! This one compares the Ferris IS3200Z & IS2100Z mowers. Both are exceptional, but on paper the difference is hard to see. This lets you see for your own eyes!


Don't take a knife to a gun fight, don't use any batwing other than Rhino!

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Check out our NEW hats!

Ferris IS3200Z Walk Around

Let Bob show you the Ferris IS3200Z Zero Turn Mower! Independent Suspension! 12+ MPH with the iCD professional quality cut! Get more done and have a professional looking lawn!

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In with the old, out with the new...We are kind of backwards around here! 4710 delivered to it's new home and the 4610 is back on our lot!

Grasshopper Mowers

When you buy one of our Grasshopper Mowers you know you have the best!