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Merz Farm Equipment, Inc. is your family owned one stop shop for farm equipment! We have over 60 years experience in the ag machinery industry and the knowledge to make sure you get exactly what you are needing! Located in Southeast Nebraska, covering a 4 state area including Northwest Missouri, Southwest Iowa & Northeast Kansas. Our top of the industry trained staff is the easiest to work with and will make you feel like part of the family! Farming is tougher than ever, count on family to have your back!

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Trust us to get you to the right piece of equipment! With our variety of product offering and our experienced sales team, we’ll make a recommendation and get you an honest and fair price.
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We offer products from Massey Ferguson Tractors & Combines, Hesston Hay, White Planters, Sunflower Tillage, Bobcat, Rhino, Grasshopper Mowers, and Brent Grain Carts.
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We offer the largest selection of Massey Ferguson and Bobcat clothing and toys in the Midwest. We carry a variety of items fit for the whole family.
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Our Open House on Tuesday, March 8th we will have our BG Diesel Products Sales Representative Michael Keene in attendance and putting on a - 10 a.m. Seminar over TIER 4 ENGINES. Presented by BG & Bobcat • How to properly care for a Tier 4 Engine • What is different from our old engines? • Why should I be aware of what I am putting into my Tier4 Engine • Why are my service intervals important? • Is my diesel additive safe for Tier4 Engines? • Aren’t all the diesel additives doing the same thing? Just protects from gelling, right? BG Products will save you thousands over the life of your machinery. BG is safe to use on new Tier4 engines, is the product you are using? To anyone who shares our Open House invite located below on our facebook page will be entered into a drawing to win a bottle of BG Fuel Additive on the day of the open house. These same participants will also be entered in to the drawing for our IceBin cooler grand prize giveaway that day as well.

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Our Open House Tuesday, March 8th, we will have QMaxx Penetrating Oil & Lubricants representative Robert Wilson here to explain the QMaxx product line. He will also be doing the Rust Challenge for anyone who would like to participate. The participants need to bring in any tool or piece of equipment that is corroded or rusted and he will use his QMaxx products to free the item up again. If not, you will earn yourself a $20 bill on the spot. To anyone who shares our Open House invite located below on our facebook page will be entered into a drawing to win a bottle of QMaxx BLU on the day of the open house. These same participants will also be entered in to the drawing for our IceBin cooler grand prize giveaway that day as well. During the next few weeks we will continue this offer with different products for each of our representatives that will be here at our open house. Don't wait too long, start sharing and get your name in the drawing!! Good Luck!

BigDog Mower Company

FLIP-UP Decks on the new Big Dog BlackJack! Easy clean up and maintenance! Starting at $5,299 - Available in 48" or 54" Decks! They will be arriving in the next month.

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Do you ever have a problem with rust and corrosion? Here at Merz Farm Equipment we have found a product that will get rid of all of your problems. Q20 penetrating oil has been considered the top-performing product in many parts of the world, Mr. McCreery founder and creator of Q-Maxx, spent 18 months on extensive testing and reformulation. He took his questions directly to the marketplace by holding focus groups. Mr. McCreery listened as manufacturers and industrial leaders shared their priorities, requirements and product-specific needs. Q-Maxx not only will items break free from rust and corrosion but can also prevent it from happening. Q-Maxx has many different products, and here at Merz Farm Equipment we are offering 15% off all these products from today the 2-1-15 to 2-6-15!!!

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Come see us at the St Joe Farm Show! Tonight until 8 pm and tomorrow 9-4! Stop in the store to get FREE tickets including VIP Breakfast on Saturday morning!

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FREE Tickets to the St. Joe Farm Show!! Stop out at Merz Farm Equipment and pickup your tickets today! Tickets good for FREE admission on Friday and FREE breakfast and admission on Saturday!

Jim Flowers KMTV Meteorologist

Bobcat Snow Blades - Snapper Snow Blowers - VAL6 Heaters - Briggs & Stratton Generators We have them ready, your going to need them next week!

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DEAL OF THE DAY!!!!! Can you ever be too organized or have to much space? Today at Merz Farm Equipment we will have select tool boxes, storage cabinets, and storage racks of all shapes and sizes for 20% OFF if ordered today 1/27/15 by 4:00 PM CST.

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Working in an unheated shop or outdoors can be very uncomfortable and make easy working situations much harder, but here at Merz Farm Equipment we might have just what you need to fix that issue! The VAL6 heaters use about 1/3 the fuel compared to a conventional forced air heater, dramatically reducing operational costs and nuisance tank refills. But that's not all. The VAL6 can also heat up to 3 times the area compared to forced air! This means lower cost of operation, far superior directional control of heat, far less combustion by-products, less irritants, virtually odorless operation, greater comfort, quieter operation, longer operation with fewer refills, instant heat, more effective outdoor use and a much safer, cleaner burn. For a limited time starting today !/25/16 to Saturday 1/30/16 the Val 6 heaters are 10% OFF current prices. Hurry in and check it out!

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“The world of diesel has radically changed in the last few years, and today we have cleaner and more efficient engines that are friendlier to the environment – a benefit to all. But emissions standards have driven significant changes to diesel fuel chemistry and engine design that together, negatively operation. High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) technology requirements are much different than the fuel systems on previous Tier 3 engines. Cold weather and other challenges are similar regardless of equipment type or brand.” BG is an outstanding company that develops and supplies the top fuel additives on the market. Come in and ask about BG and why it can significantly keep your machines/equipment running at its highest potential in these weather conditions!!